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Xavier dionne

Xavier Dionne is a painter living in California.

   Art has always played a big role in Xavier's life. Creating drawings was Xavier's "go to" during the early years after his autism diagnosis. Expressing himself through art, in many ways, has saved Xavier's life. It is a daily practice to doodle, draw characters from his favorite books and to play with color, shapes and textures.

   In 2019, Xavier had his first exhibition with the Lights Camera Autism in San Diego, CA. This is the experience that opened up Xavier to the fuller realization that his art can create happiness for others. Xavier's art work ranges from past experiences, what he finds humorous, and the vision of his future.

     Xavier's severe speech and language delay creates daily challenges. The struggle of staying focused during social and learning opportunities are common, and are sometimes due to certain noises. What helps is being included in a variety of experiences. Xavier finds joy in contributing and being part of the solution in creating a stronger community. During the early months of the Covid19 pandemic, Xavier found it challenging to fill the void left by the quarantine in being able to meet people and being part of a community. Volunteering at a local garden that helps senior citizens and families with food insecuries has been part of his solution. Taking part in community volunteer work has been rewarding and essential in Xavier's well being, and understanding to live a life of service to others. Xavier joined a locally supported vision to transform an abandoned school to an art, culture, music and ecology education hub. For this project, Xavier spent time on his weekends to assist in transforming and maintaining the school grounds and garden. In addition, Xavier has shared his art to help other organizations by donating his larger art pieces to charity.

"This is happy."  - Xavier Dionne

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